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Are you struggling to make money online?

Are you sick seeing others bragging about their results while all you're getting is flat lining profits?

Are you worried that because you've never sold anything online, you will never be able to achieve your dreams?

Finally, are you ready and committed to fixing this right away and start getting the results you deserve even if you are not technical, and have no experience?

If You Answered Yes To Any Or All Of The Questions Above, Then Keep On Reading, This Could Change Your Life!



The 7-Figure Entrepreneur's Mindset

In this video we’re going to talk about the entrepreneurial way of thinking. It’s a way of thinking that sets you apart from other people and it’s what makes you successful..

This way of thinking is such an important aspect to becoming successful that there’s been thousands of articles, books and case studies written and done to discover why people who have this mindset are successful.

And it comes down to these five characteristics. And it’s these that successful entrepreneurs have in common: This is the entrepreneurial way of thinking

Going From Zero To One

What does it mean, and how it's being done. When you start with no list, no partner, no product, there's one way to change the odds and go from ZERO to ONE.

The One Pillar To Success

Once we understood it, it transformed our business and our lives. We went from struggling to seven figures.  And 15 years later, it still works, everyday. It’s this that takes you on your journey from ZERO to ONE

Make A Difference

The difference between you and a successful online entrepreneur relies on one skill we all have, but don't use efficiently. We'll show you how it turns lives around and can help anyone go from ZERO to ONE


6-Figures With A 1 Page Website!

A lot of people when they first start out to create an online business think they need a full website, and a complex sales funnel with tons of pages and content and all the bells and whistles to attract customers and to make money.

In this video I’m going to go over with you what’s in your Zero to One 1 page system and how it’s structured. Because you only need 1 page, to build a responsive audience and make money.

Solving A Problem

The goal of having an online business is not to have fancy websites or complex funnels. It's to help someone solve the problem he currently has. We'll show you how it's done with just 1 simple page!

Shiny VS Simple

Would you trade hours of your time and thousands of dollars against an easy solution that would serve your goals and those of your prospects better? All day long I guess...

The Million $ Secret

This is something used by major corporations to constantly generate surges of hungry buyers without changing anything to their offers. This marketing tactic will help you skyrocket your business with no effort at all!


Get Unlimited On Demand Targeted Traffic With The Traffic Alchemy System

If you ask any online entrepreneur out there, they will all tell you Traffic is their #1 problem. How to get cheap targeted traffic that converts.

That's the holy grail of Internet Marketer, and the dream every digital marketer is chasing.

We'll reveal our tactics to generate leads for pennies on the dollar, while ensuring we only get warm and qualified prospects who need help to get their problems solved!

Once you understand that you NEVER created traffic but only REDIRECT it, your traffic frustrations will end once and for all.

Free VS Paid Traffic

Why Free traffic is often the cause of frustration of so many marketers. And why Paid traffic is wrongly considered as a big risk. We'll show you how to turn your paid traffic into a risk-free and endless source of new buyers.

Our Best Traffic Sources Revealed

Not all traffic is created equal. How you find the right traffic can turn into a touch challenge when you don't know where to start. We'll reveal where we find warm and qualified prospects for any niche you can think of.

The Alchemy

How we turn paid traffic into on demand free traffic so we never pay for traffic again! This is truly powerful and that's the secret to getting cheap or even free traffic while using paid traffic source! You don't want to miss that part.


6-Figure Business Without Selling

Let's face it. When you get started it's difficult to sell anything, be it a $10 product.

What if there was a way to create a 6-figures online business without ever selling? You might think I'm crazy or that it's a marketing trick, or something unethical. IT'S NOT.

It's the best system we've found to help anyone beginners create a 6-figures online business. Now if you're not selling anything, it means you're giving something away for free! And that's where the magic happens and we'll show you how it's done and how giving something away (that you have not created) can turn into a 6-figures annual income.

The Low Commission Trap

There's a belief that it's easier to sell cheap products (people hate asking for money, so they think the cheaper it gets, the easier it is to ask). Well it's wrong and we show you why.

Cashing Without Selling

That's another misconception, especially with affiliate marketing. How can I make money by giving something away? We'll show you how you can earn 6-figures commissions by simply giving away valuable content you don't even have to create!

The Best Opportunities

We'll show you where to find offers that will pay you enough to earn a regular 5-figures monthly commissions while you can focus on providing valuable and free content to your audience.


Seeing Is Believing

In this video we show you how we create 1-page online business from scratch and how you can replicate our exact campaign (1-page systems, follow-up sequences) without doing any of the work, without any technical skills in just minutes.


Your 6-Figure Action Plan

You'll now know how to go From Zero To One using our step-by-step blueprint, a proven-tested business model, a simple 1-page system, a truly effective traffic generation method, and a 6-figure plan to turn freebie seekers into 6-figures annual income!

You'll even be able to book a free call with us to discuss your online business in case you need help getting started or to scale it and  achieve your goals!

Go From Zero To One Today And NEVER Look Back!

6 modules (around 80 minutes of training) packed with proven tested marketing strategies and tactics, backed by 15 years of creating and managing successful online business.

What's Included In "From Zero To One" Home Study Course?

Our brand new course is not just a course on how to create a profitable online business. It also comes with all the formats you love so you can consume our business course your own way...

Videos (online + offline)

Obviously you will get instant access to all the videos online. You will also be able to download the videos would you like to watch them offline


We'll let you download all the slides from each video module. USe those as quick reference or print them for ease of use.

Audio Version (mp3)

Do you like listening to audio books or podcasts? Then you'll love being able to download the audio version of our course.

Full Transcript

Finally, you'll get the complete transcript of all the videos. Print the important parts you like and keep those close to you!

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Why Trust Us?

We've been full time online entrepreneurs for 15+ years now, but do not take our words for it...

 "Whenever JP talks… I listen, and I listen carefully. He manages to blow up in top affiliate lists often. And he does it with a smaller list than most gurus out there.

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Simon Hodgkinson

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You’ll be in good hands learning from JP. In fact, you’ll be guided by truly one of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Get your hands on anything and everything he comes out with!" 

Ewen Chia
#1 International Best Selling author

About The Authors

JP Schoeffel

Serial Entrepreneur, 8-figures in sales

JP has spent the last 15 years creating and marketing digital systems and solutions to help digital entrepreneurs create their own successful online ventures. He has sold over 8 figures worth of digital products in the last decade. 

Paul Brooks

Head Coach, Content Evangelist

Paul has spent the last decade helping online entrepreneurs achieve their goals by taking them by the hand and showing them the path to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Paul enjoys turning complex systems into easy to consume content.

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